Managed Cloud Services

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Managed Cloud Services

Enterprise today runs critical services on infrastructures that must be highly available. These services are interconnected and global. Systems cannot fail.

Enterprise are looking at running these services at low-cost/time-to-value infrastructure.

A cloud service, whether public, private or hybrid affords Enterprises to run their services as OPEX rather committing substantial funds (CAPEX) and greatly increases time-to-value on their strategies.

CLOUDSHARE is here to help Enterprise on their journey to the cloud for a seamless transition.

We want to do this by:

  • Being the first point of call
  • Resolving their issues
  • Using these touch points to learn about the Client, to identify how they can efficiently run their services

Support Practice

  • Evaluate the processes, resources, and infrastructure capabilities required to provide Client’s quality and continuous support.
  • Consider the technical and account support scenarios that span billing, provision/deployment, configuration, performance/availability issues thereby managing updates and answers to usage questions.